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Info on our line of Mushroom Herbal Supplement Collection

Brain Mushroom Support

  • Supports cognitive health
  • Supports concentration, learning and memory
  • Can support healthy cognitive functioning

Brain support can be used to support cognitive health, concentration and memory.

Lions mane contains antioxidant which can reduce free radical damage to brain cells, as well as compounds such as hericenones and erinacines, which can stimulate the growth of brain cells and the brain’s natural production of Nerve growth factor (NGF).


Cordycepin found in Cordyceps possess anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can increase oxygen uptake.


Ginkgo has been shown to increase cerebral blood flow, as well as influence levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which can play a role in concentration, mood and memory.


Gotu Kola traditionally has been used as a general tonic to support memory, concentration, mood and energy, while Bacopa has been shown to support overall cognitive function, particularly memory.


Rhodiola can support a healthy stress response through the HPA axis, as well as reduce mental and physical fatigue.


Rosmarinic acid found in Rosemary has been shown to prevent or slow the dying of neurons in affected brain regions, while Turmeric can provide antioxidant support to neurons, cells and support healthy inflammatory pathways.


Stress Mushroom Support

• Supports a healthy stress response

• Can support cortisol levels

• Provides immune support that can affected by stress

• Promotes adrenal gland health

A mushroom tonic formulated for long-term use, particularly for those whose stress response can negatively influence the immune response, cognitive function, hormone and energy production.


Reishi possess strong anti-inflammatory activity and can act as an immune-modulator. Reishi in this formula is a stress adaptive and liver tonic, due to the triterpenes present, which can also modulate the immune system.


Lions mane can provide antioxidant support to the cells and mitochondria, which can be susceptible to long term stress and can incur free radical damage.


Turkey Tail contains a compound known as CS-4, which can support healthy blood glucose levels. Turkey tail is rich in polysaccharides and PSPS, which can regulate the gut microbiome, which influences mood. 

Lemon balm, also known as the gladdening herb, can be considered a nervine, which can support the central nervous system. Holy Basil and Ashwagandha can support the HPA axis, hormone and stress response.

Bacopa contains compounds known as bacopasides, which can cross the blood brain barrier and can support mood, cognition and memory.

Serene Mushroom Support

  • Promotes feelings of relaxation
  • Supports a healthy stress response

Serene Mushroom Support is a mushroom and adaptogen formula that can be used as a long-term tonic to support feeling of relaxation, without sedation.


Chaga is an adaptogen that can help support relaxation and the body’s stress response. Chaga has been shown to present protective effects against oxidative stress.


Lions mane has been shown to be able to improve the function of the hippocampus, which is the brain region associated with memory and emotional responses. Lions mane can provide antioxidant support to the cells and mitochondria, which can be susceptible to long term stress.


Passion flower can influence the nervous system and support relaxation and sleep.


Lemon Balm can be referred to a nervous system trophorestorative, which indicates that over time, it tonifies the nervous system.

Kava and Lavender can support feelings of relaxation, as Kava Root can be considered a nervine, which can have a mild sedative effect on the body. Lavender flower can influence the limbic (emotional) brain and influence various neurotransmitters affected by stress.

Night Blooming Cereus can support hormone mediated changes associated with stress that may negatively affect the heart and cardiovascular system., as it can lower adrenaline levels.

Mucuna pruriens, also known as “velvet bean”, is classified in TCM as a jing herb, or herb that supports “vital essence” and is considered an adaptogen.

Energy Mushroom Support

  • Supports energy production
  •  Supports mitochondrial health
  • Supports cellular health

Energy Mushroom Support is a synergetic blend of mushrooms and adaptogenic botanicals that can support mitochondrial and cellular health.


Cordyceps can increase the body’s production of ATP, which is essential for energy, as well as improve oxygen uptake and is used in TCM as a restorative herb, as well as to increase energy and stamina. 


Reishi, known as, the herb of spiritual potency, can support healthy blood glucose levels, immune health and gut health, which can influence cellular health and overall energy levels.


Ginkgo can promote blood circulation in the brain and possess strong antioxidant properties.


Rhodiola is an adaptogen that can assist the body in adapting to physical, chemical and environmental stress, which can influence energy levels. Rhodiola contains polyphenols and compounds such as rosavin, which can reduce free radical damage and increase oxygen consumption.


Maca can modulate hormones, such as testosterone, which can influence energy, while Eleuthero acts as an adaptogen tonic, which can support energy production, endurance and athletic performance.


Chinese Ginseng can support the central nervous system and the HPA axis, which can be affected by stress.


CoQ10 carries electrons through the electron transport chain (ETC), which produces ATP. CoQ10 has been shown to modulate mitochondrial function, which is responsible for roughly 90 percent of the body’s energy production.

Mushroom Immune

Mushroom Immune is a formula that can be used to maintain immune system support, as well as for those in the midst of immune deficiency, chronic stress and fatigue.



• This formula combines 14 US and Organic grown mushrooms to support both the innate and adaptive immune system response

• The liquid blend is initially extracted in a highly controlled hot water process to pull out the water-soluble compounds over a few days. It is then pressed, concentrated and the mushrooms are then re-extracted in alcohol over 30 days to pull out the non-water soluble immuno modulating compounds



• Polysaccharides have immunostimulating properties

• Supports healthy inflammatory pathways

• Supports liver and cardiovascular health

• Provides antioxidant support